Interested in making a difference, learning tons and helping the planet? Great. We are looking for smart team members like you.

At Sesame Solar, we aspire to tackle Earth’s biggest challenges from both sides: curbing climate change while creating tools to help communities become more climate resilient. We innovate and we challenge ourselves to make our energy resilient solutions mobile, easy-to-use, durable, flexible and fast to deploy. It's rewarding, it's inventive and we are proud of our impact.

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So what problem are we solving?

Well, it’s a big one. The increase in climate-change driven extreme weather means more power outages and disaster-recovery scenarios are on the horizon. When the electric grid is down, all essential services are impaired—power, communications, clean water, medical care, disaster response and so on. 

Fossil-fuel generators and emergency response units are the current status quo for responding to these extreme weather disasters. Unfortunately, fossil fuel contributes to climate problems by adding particulate emissions to the air and water. There’s also the ongoing challenge of buying and transporting fossil fuel to power the generators. 

So what are we building to solve the problem?

We think it’s pretty amazing. Sesame Solar built the world’s first Renewable, Mobile Solar + Green Hydrogen Nanogrid. It’s a complete closed-loop of carbon-free, reliable energy—utilizing solar power with battery storage, hydrogen fuel cells and green hydrogen—providing days and weeks of energy autonomy. All you need is sunshine and water!

If technical details are your jam, you'll love this next part. The retractable solar array provides the energy to charge the battery storage system and to produce green hydrogen via electrolyzers. The green hydrogen is then stored at a lower pressure (less than 300 psi) in onboard and solid-state hydrogen tanks, which can be easily and safely transported. When the batteries are at 35% capacity, the hydrogen fuel cell provides power to the inverter. When the batteries have been recharged by the solar array, the hydrogen fuel cell shuts down. The magic of electrolysis continues until the hydrogen solid-state tanks are refilled, and then it shuts off as well.

In wind favorable environments, a wind turbine can also be added to provide additional power to generate green hydrogen. Pretty cool, right? And we’re only getting started. Sesame Solar is constantly innovating and experimenting to create new solutions to tackle Earth’s biggest climate-change challenges. 

Interested in working with us? 

Check out our open roles below. If we don’t have a current opportunity that’s a fit for you, email us your resume at We’re always interested in adding amazing humans to our team who are passionate about protecting our planet.

Job Openings


Sr. Manager/ Manager Sales
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Sesame Solar is looking for highly motivated and exceptional Sr. Manager/ Manager Sales, to help scale the deployment of our Mobile Nanogrids to decarbonize Disaster Response and Off-grid power.


No open positions currently

Engineering & Manufacturing

Director of Production Management
Jackson, MI, USA
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Sesame Solar is looking for an experienced person to lead our producdtion team. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a company decarbonizing disaster response and off-grid power.

Technician (Jr. and Sr. positions available subject to skill level)
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Join the growing Sesame Solar team and help make Mobile Nanogrids that solve big problems for big companies and government agencies, including solar and green hydrogen-powered Solutions for disaster/emergency preparedness and rapid response to extreme weather events (wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and storms) that can be setup by one person in less than 15 minutes.


No open positions currently

We care about our employees

We want our employees to thrive at Sesame Solar and strive to create a workplace that embraces you at every stage of your life. Sesame Solar offers competitive benefits like:

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