How does a Sesame Solar Nanogrid work?

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Does the Sesame Solar Nanogrid come with a warranty?

The Sesame Solar Nanogrid has a 1-year, end-to-end warranty with the exception of power generation and electronics, which have warranties ranging from 7 to 20 years.

How long will the Sesame Solar Nanogrid last?

Designed and tested for extreme weather conditions, including high winds and heavy rain, Sesame Solar Solutions can be used and repurposed for 20 years to meet new and unforeseen challenges. We are continuously improving our designs, with the goal of meeting the power needs for the hardest to access locations and most rugged of conditions.

How much solar power can the Sesame Solar Nanogrid produce?

Depending on the model, Sesame Solar Nanogrids can produce between 3 - 20 kW of solar power, with a total battery storage of 15 - 150 kWh and back fuel cell power of 2 - 8 kW and/or wind power of 1 -2 kW. Sesame Solar Solutions are engineered to meet peak and average use and provide uninterrupted, sustainable power. Hybrid models incorporating generators are also available.

Is the Sesame Solar Nanogrid customizable?

Sesame Solar Nanogrids provide clean, solar power for virtually any application. From military to medical to telecommunications, every industry needs electricity to operate effectively. Sesame Solar Solutions are engineered to be modular, customizable and re-configurable without being costly.

How long does it take to setup?

Our award-winning design allows for a single person to set up the Sesame Solar Nanogrid in under 15 mins.

How does the green hydrogen system work?

Hydrogen gas is produced inside our Nanogrids using electrolyzers, which decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The hydrogen is "green" because it is made using solar power. The green hydrogen gas is stored in solid state storage tanks on the outside of the Nanogrid at low pressure (less than 300 psi) making it safe to transport. The oxygen gas is safely vented. When the batteries are discharged to 35%, the onboard Hydrogen Fuel cell starts charging the batteries using the stored, green hydrogen gas. When the batteries are recharged, the Hydrogen Fuel cell shuts off. Electrolysis continues to produce hydrogen gas until the storage tanks are full, then it shuts off and the batteries are again charged using solar power. This system provides a clean energy loop.

What are the dimensions of a Sesame Solar Nanogrid?

The Sesame Solar Nanogrid is shipped ready-to-use as a Dual or Tri Axle Trailer or an ISO shipping container. Dual Axle Dimensions: Ranges from 14’ - 24’ and ISO. Shipping Containers Dimensions: 10’ or 20’ or 40’ Our innovative design also enables the Sesame Solar Nanogrid to function as a shipping vehicle as it is transported to its destination.

How long does it take to receive a  Sesame Solar Nanogrid?

Sesame Solar Nanogrids are shipped ExWorks within 45 business days. Expedited delivery is available with volume purchases. Sesame Solutions are pre-configured for set-up by one person in less than 15 minutes. Designed for off-grid power, clean water, mobile offices, disaster recovery, emergency response, educational, last mile mobility, agricultural, food chain, industrial and military applications, very little training and maintenance are required.

How much water can a Nanogrid provide?

Sesame Solar Nanogrids can provide 132 gallons/500 liters of potable water per day.

How many laptops can a Nanogrid power?

The energy stored in each Sesame Solar Nanogrid in a day can charge over 650 laptops and 2,500 phones.

How much CO2 emissions can a Nanogrid save?

The 10 metric tons of CO2 emission savings in a year from daily use of one Sesame Solar Solutions (40 kWh) is equivalent to GHG emissions from driving an average gasoline powered vehicle for 30,000 miles. The average U.S. driver drives approximately 10,000 miles per year so that’s like saving the GHG emissions from 3 cars.  

How many homes can a Nanogrid power?

An average U.S. home draws 20-24 kW of power in a day, so a single Sesame Solar Nanogrid can power 4-6 houses. A cluster of 3 Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions could power 12-18 houses.

How much power can a Nanogrid produce and store?

Nanogrids can produce between 3-20 kW of solar power, with total battery storage of 15-150 kWh. Engineered to meet peak and average use and provide uninterrupted, sustainable power.  

Learn How to Get Tax Credits

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, Sesame Solar Nanogrids qualify for 30% tax credits and/or direct payments. If deployed in disadvantaged communities or tribal nations, tax credits and/or direct payments may increase up to 50%.

Photo from overhead of the Sesame Solar Nanogrid
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