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Sesame Solar Nanogrids are shipped ready-to-use with Turnkey Solutions Inside. One person can deploy mobile, solar power Solutions in less than 15 minutes

"Open Sesame"

Meet the Sesame Solar Nanogrid

A Solar Nanogrid is a self-contained, solar power generator. Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are ultra-simple, require little maintenance, and provide 10-55 kWh of uninterrupted and sustainable power for internal or external power applications. They can be setup by one person in 15 minutes.

Sesame Solar Nanogrid SOLUTIONS are built from ISO shipping containers or DOT certified dual axle trailers, and can be easily transported by truck, train, ship, or helicopter for use anytime, anywhere. Backed by private investors, Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are made in Michigan, USA.


11-68 kWh of available solar power


Rugged and built to last for 20 years.


Can be towed behind a truck or on a flatbed trailer for use anytime, anywhere.

Powering Purpose

More than 2 billion people live with little to no access to reliable electricity.

Our mission is to make solar power deployments simple, easy-to-use, and available anytime, anywhere. Sesame Solar Nanogrids provide mobile power for clean water, medical applications, refrigeration, disaster response, businesses and more. We seek to empower women and girls whenever possible.


Electric Power
ATO Sustainable

X5 White

ATO Sustainable


per day

Model S

Electric Power
ATO Sustainable


per day
Inside the Box

Rapid Global Deployment

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are housed inside a standard ISO shipping container or DOT certified, Dual Axle Trailer, making them easy to transport all over the world by truck, train, ship, or helicopter.

Fully Customizable

From mobile offices, water filtration, emergency response, and more, your Sesame Solar Nanogrid is designed to be a complete and energy-independent Solution to meet your needs.

Simple to Setup and Maintain

Your Sesame Solar Nanogrid is read for use in less than 15 minutes. Setup does not require onsite expertise, and its minimal required maintenance offers a low total cost of ownership.

Scalable Design

Our award-winning, modular design allows for rapid scale - with each Sesame Solar Nanogrid capable of expanding on existing capabilities or adding new ones entirely. Sesame Solar Nanogrids can be clustered to provide microgrids and community power and services.

Choose Solution

Community Connector

Sesame Solar's Towable, Solar Nanogrid Community Connector serves Business Continuity needs, provides off-grid power generation, disaster preparedness, community support, and can also be used for trade shows and internal company events.

Hydration where you need it

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions offer water filtration, water pumping, and air to water generation for even the remotest of locations.

Take your field office anywhere

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Office Solutions provide export power, interior and exterior workspace, connectivity and communications.

Rapid Disaster Response

Sesame Solar Nanogrids are designed for rapid and easy deployment. They offer export power, command centers, communications, refrigeration, mobile kitchen, toilets, showers, laundry and more.

Covid-19 and Disaster Response Solutions

Sesame Solar's Mobile, Drive Up COVID-19 Nanogrid Solution is designed to be a drive-up vaccination and testing facility with minimal contact to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Sesame Solar's Nanogrid does not require permitting, construction, installation, external power or water hookups, making it an ideal Solution to support COVID-19 vaccination and testing efforts in rural and hard-to-access areas or sites with limited resources.

Export Power
Hand Wash Station
Medical grade Freezer
and Refrigerator
Lab Testing

More on Covid-19 Solutions

Telecommunications & Broadband Solutions

Sesame Solar`s Mobile, Turnkey Solar Nanogrids with Solutions Inside are being used by Telecommunications, Broadband and Cable companies for Disaster Preparation, Rapid Response and as Community Communications Hubs.

These US-based companies must prepare for earthquakes and wildfires in the West, hurricanes and tropical storms in the East and South, and tornadoes and floods in the Middle as well as plan for terrorist attacks. Having off-grid power, export power, office space for a mobile,command center, and satellite/WiFi communications available anytime, anywhere, enables them to rapidly respond to the needs of their regional offices and aid their communities

Export Power
Mobile Command Center
AC/ Refrigeration
WiFi/ Communications

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Sesame Solar in Action

Our goal is to make solar power deployments simple, easy-to-use, and available anytime, anywhere.


We've created dozens of Solutions for several vertical markets. The possibilities of what we can create together are endless.

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Disaster Recovery Office
Over the rivers and through the woods, Sesame's team will go...
Successful Deployment Sesame Solar Nanogrid Medical Solution
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Photo Gallery

A look at the Sesame Solar Nanogrid in action all over the world. Click on each photo to learn more about the ways you can use Sesame Solar SOLUTIONS.

About Sesame Solar

Sesame Solar Inc. is a majority woman-owned, small business headquartered in Jackson, MI with a subsidiary, Sesame Solar Pvt. Ltd., located in Mumbai, India.

Sesame Solar manufactures Mobile, Turnkey Solar Nanogrids pre-engineered with Solutions Inside, and pre-configured for set-up by one person in less than 15 minutes. Designed for off-grid power, clean water, mobile offices, disaster recovery, emergency response, educational, last mile mobility, agricultural, food chain, industrial and military applications, very little training and maintenance are required.

Just "Open Sesame" and the Sesame Nanogrid's solar walls and the energy-independent Solution Inside is ready-to-use.

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are built from ISO shipping containers and DOT certified dual axle trailers, and can be easily transported by forklift, crane, truck, train, ship, cargo plane or helicopter for use anytime, anywhere.

Backed by private investors, Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are made in Michigan, USA.

DUNS Number: 08-111-3422
Primary NAICS Codes: 221114, 221122, 488999, 621493, 624221, and 624230
CAGE Code: 8EXL8

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