Sesame Solar Makes Renewable Power Fast and Easy

Sesame Solar Nanogrids leverage solar power and green hydrogen to provide reliable renewable energy.  We're building the future of 100% renewable power.


Set up in minutes

In less than 15 minutes, 1 person can set up Sesame Solar Nanogrids to begin supplying reliable renewable energy. Augmented reality and field trainings are embedded in the Nanogrid to empower non-experts

Easily transported and arrives ready-to-use

Rapid global deployment

No onsite expertise required

Low maintenance


Fueled by Solar Power and Green Hydrogen

As the first of its kind Solution, Sesame Solar's Nanogrids leverage solar power and green hydrogen to bring energy where its needed most.

No greenhouse gas emissions compared to the pollution, costs and risks of transporting fossil fuel generators.

Closed loop energy system

100% off-grid power

When the batteries are at 35% capacity, the hydrogen fuel cell provides power to the inverter.

Small wind turbines can be added


Designed and Tested

Sesame Solar's Nanogrids are designed and battle tested to withstand extreme weather conditions.

LFP batteries can discharge from -4F to 140F

Can charge from 32F to 120F

The renewable energy inputs and outputs are balanced so that customers experience a reliable supply of energy whether or not the sun is shining.


Off-Grid, Modular Mobile Office Inside

Specifically designed, built, and preconfigured for multi-use case scenarios allow the Nanogrids to double as facilities for multiuse case scenarios such as a mobile clinic, an office, an emergency response center, a mobile retail pop-up or for remote military applications, and many more.

Easily configured for custom applications (office, clinic, etc.)

Can be clustered to form mini-grids


Pop-Up Power and Disaster Response Inside

The Nanogrid meets people where they are via designs that range from trailers that can be hauled behind trucks to containerized versions ready to be moved by helicopters. Simply “Open Sesame” by electronically unfolding the Nanogrid’s retractable solar walls and the energy-independent Solution inside is ready to use.

Form factor of a Tandem Trailer or an ISO shipping container

Easily transported by forklift, truck, train, ship, plane or helicopter


Mobile, Renewable Power Deployments Made Fast & Easy

The U.S. Air Force, major telcos, and emergency response organizations are already using Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids for use cases such as:

Medical Response

Whether medical responders need to set up a mobile clinic or groups need to establish a medical response operation, the Nanogrids serve as an off-grid power and patient triage option.

Critical Community Services

This includes serving as a central command center within neighborhoods such as a gathering spot to receive information, mobile offices, training centers, or even classrooms. 

Clean Water

Nanogrids can power water purification and filtration systems to deliver clean water.


Nanogrids can keep critical communications online at the site of infrastructure or by powering mobile Wi-Fi stations if infrastructure does go down.

Emergency Response

Emergency response situations require off-grid power for all of the use cases mentioned above as part of an effective response to deliver the aid and essential services citizens need in catastrophic events. Nanogrids can ensure all of these essential services remain operational in any emergency response scenario.

EV Charging

Designed to be towed by electric trucks, the Nanogrid's on-board Level II charger can provide up to 250 e-miles per day to the truck, providing a 100% fossil fuel-free Disaster Response solution. They can also charge last-mile mobility EVs like e-bikes and e-scooters–practical modes of transportation when roads are blocked.

Find Your Solution Inside

Contact Sesame Solar to request a demo and learn how Mobile Solar + Green Hydrogen Nanogrid Solutions can serve your organization.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive a  Sesame Solar Nanogrid

Sesame Solar Nanogrids are shipped ExWorks within 45 business days.

Expedited delivery is available with volume purchases. Sesame Solutions are pre-configured for set-up by one person in less than 15 minutes. Designed for off-grid power, clean water, mobile offices, disaster recovery, emergency response, educational, last mile mobility, agricultural, food chain, industrial and military applications, very little training and maintenance are required.

What are the dimensions of a Sesame Solar Nanogrid?

The Sesame Solar Nanogrid is shipped ready-to-use as a Dual Axle Trailer or an ISO shipping container. Dual Axle Dimensions: Ranges from 14’ - 20’ and ISO Shipping Containers Dimensions: 10’ or 20’ or 40’ Our innovative design also enbles the Sesame Solar Nanogrid to also function as a shipping vehicle as it is transported to its destination.

How does the green hydrogen system work?

Hydrogen gas is produced inside our Nanogrids using electrolyzers, which decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The hydrogen is "green" because it is made using solar power. The green hydrogen gas is stored in solid state storage tanks on the outside of the Nanogrid at low pressure (less than 300 psi) making it safe to transport. The oxygen gas is safely vented. When the batteries are discharged to 35%, the onboard Hydrogen Fuel cell starts charging the batteries using the stored, green hydrogen gas. When the batteries are recharged, the Hydrogen Fuel cell shuts off. Electrolysis continues to produce hydrogen gas until the storage tanks are full, then it shuts off and the batteries are again charged using solar power. This system provides a clean energy loop.

How long does it take to setup?

Our award-winning design allows for a single person to set up the Sesame Solar Nanogrid in under 15 mins.

Is the Sesame Solar Nanogrid customizable?

Sesame Solar Nanogrids provide clean, solar power for virtually any application. From military to medical to telecommunications, every industry needs electricity to operate effectively. Sesame Solar Solutions are engineered to be modular, customizable and re-configurable without being costly.

How much solar power can the Sesame Solar Nanogrid produce?

Depending on the model, Sesame Solar Nanogrids can produce between 3 - 20 kW of solar power, with a total battery storage of 15 - 150 kWh. Sesame Solar Solutions are engineered to meet peak and average use and provide uninterrupted, sustainable power.  Hybrid models incorporating generators are also available.

How long will the Sesame Solar Nanogrid last?

Designed and tested for extreme weather conditions, including high winds and heavy rain, Sesame Solar Solutions can be used and repurposed for 20 years to meet new and unforeseen challenges. We are continuously improving our designs, with the goal of meeting the power needs for the hardest to access locations and most rugged of conditions.

Does the Sesame Solar Nanogrid come with a warranty?

The Sesame Solar Nanogrid has a 1-year, end-to-end warranty with the exception of power generation and electronics, which have warranties ranging from 7 to 20 years.

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Case studies

Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions
in Action

The best way to understand how a Solar Nanogrid can meet the needs of essential services and emergency response is to learn about how they have already passed the test.


Powering Purpose

More than 2 billion people live with little to no access to reliable electricity. Our mission is to make solar power deployments simple, easy-to-use, and available anytime, anywhere. Sesame Solar Nanogrids provide mobile power for clean water, medical applications, refrigeration, disaster response, businesses and more. We seek to empower women and girls whenever possible.


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In this white paper, Sesame Solar explores the use cases for renewably powered nanogrids in the face of a growing climate threat.

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"Dominica has realized, as an island, that we are very vulnerable to these disasters,” said Dr. Martin Christmas, health liaison officer for Dominica’s Ministry of Health. “This solar Nanogrid is going to play a critical role in allowing us to continue to provide essential health services in that community [of Grand Fond] should we face another such disaster."

Direct Relief

"With extreme weather events and extended grid outages occurring with greater frequency and severity, the need for mobile DERs to meet the needs of those affected has never been stronger."

Microgrid Knowledge

"The need for renewable energy is obvious, but currently solar and green hydrogen are time-consuming and complex to deploy. We wanted to make renewable energy solutions mobile, rapidly deployable and easy to use,” says Lauren Flanagan, co-founder of Sesame Solar."

Morgan Stanley