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Mobile, Solar Nanogrid for rapid deployment of minimal contact, COVID-19 drive-up testing

We, at Sesame Solar, deeply sympathize with anyone who has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 has created a great deal of uncertainty across the country and rest of the world. We have designed a Mobile, Solar Nanogrid for rapid deployment of minimal contact, COVID-19 drive-up testing. Our goal is to provide testing facilities to rural and hard-to-access areas where there may be limited resources. Sesame Solar’s Mobile, Drive-up Testing Solution does not require permitting, construction, installation, external power or water hookups.


Sesame Solar’s Mobile Medical Response and Testing Nanogrid will be equipped with:​

Hand Washing Station                                        Mask & Supplies Station 

Disinfecting Lights                                               Medical grade Refrigerator 

Air Purifier with Climate Control                        Nurses’ Workstations 

Wi-Fi enabled                                                      TV and Speakers on each Side 

Storage Cabinets & Disposal Bins                     Optional External Shelves & Benches

During this time of global emergency, Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids continue to be deployed, and the value they deliver is magnified. With the added benefits of energy resiliency and emergency preparedness, Sesame Solar Nanogrids offer mobility, flexibility, durability and reliability. Steadfast service continues to be an essential part of Sesame Solar’s mission. We’ve vetted our supply chain of vendors and distributors and have not found any existing or forecasted disruptions. Sesame Solar Nanogrids are manufactured in Ypsilanti, Michigan with U.S made components. Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids are pre-engineered, and pre-configured, and shipped ready-to-use. They can be easily towed or transported. One person can deploy the Solar Medical Nanogrid in less than 15 minutes. Click here for Specification Sheet






Sesame Solar and partners SimpliPHI Power, Outback Power and ITUC donate a Sesame Solar Nanogrid Disaster Recovery Office to Princess Margaret Hospital in Dominica



Sesame Solar Inc. manufactures turnkey Solar Nanogrids pre-configured with Solutions Inside and engineered to set-up in less than 15 minutes. Designed for off-grid power, mobile offices, disaster recovery, educational, agricultural, industrial and military applications. Very little training and maintenance are required. Just "Open Sesame" the Sesame Nanogrid's solar walls and the energy-independent Solution Inside is ready-to-use. Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are built from ISO shipping containers, and can be easily transported by forklift, crane, truck, train, ship, or helicopter for use anytime, anywhere. Backed by private investors, Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions are proudly made in Michigan USA. We are a talented and passionate team determined to make a difference in combating climate change through our combined efforts. 




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