Connecting Communities When Infrastructure is Compromised

Communications are integral to the health and safety of our society. All of us—government, business, private citizens, emergency responders—rely on a seamless communications infrastructure to keep emergency and essential services operational, connect with loved ones and protect our community.

Open Sesame

Sesame Solar’s Mobile, Renewable Nanogrids keep critical communications online as emergency power at the site of infrastructure, or by powering mobile Wi-Fi stations where it’s most needed. Utilizing patented, retractable solar arrays + green hydrogen, Sesame’s Mobile Nanogrids can serve entire communities with power within 15 minutes or less. Easy to use and rapidly deployable to quickly restore your communications after extreme weather, emergency events or other off-grid power needs.

Clean Renewable Energy

Our Nanogrids leverage solar power + green hydrogen to bring energy when and where it's needed most.

Mobile & Durable

Easily transported—designed and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Pre-Engineered and Pre-Configured

Designed, built and pre-configured for multi-use case scenarios.

Setup in Less Than 15 minutes

No onsite expertise required—one person can begin supplying mobile, reliable and 100% renewable energy in minutes.

Minimal Maintenance Needed

As easy as washing the windows, your Sesame Solar Nanogrid needs clean PV panels to capture all that sunlight. Easy to use, minimal training required. Augmented Reality training and field service support are embedded into our Nanogrids.

Longevity and Mobility

Our Nanogrids can be used and repurposed for up to 20 years. Nanogrids can be shipped in 7-45 days from order, depending on customization requests for the Solutions Inside.  They are easily transported by truck, train, ship, plane, or helicopter to get renewable, off-grid power and emergency resources to the people who need them most. Nanogrids can also be clustered to form minigrids.

Helping Cox Communications Keep Communities Connected

Cox Communications company deployed Sesame Solar Mobile Nanogrids after extreme weather and power outages to keep communities connected.

Key Facts

Learn more about the power and versatility of Sesame Solar's Nanogrid.

How much power can a Nanogrid produce and store?

Nanogrids can produce between 3-20 kW of solar power, with total battery storage of 15-150 kWh. Engineered to meet peak and average use and provide uninterrupted, sustainable power.  

How many homes can a Nanogrid power?

An average U.S. home draws 20-24 kW of power in a day, so a single Sesame Solar Nanogrid can power 4-6 houses. A cluster of 3 Sesame Solar Nanogrid Solutions could power 12-18 houses.

How much CO2 emissions can a Nanogrid save?

The 10 metric tons of CO2 emission savings in a year from daily use of one Sesame Solar Solutions (40 kWh) is equivalent to GHG emissions from driving an average gasoline powered vehicle for 30,000 miles. The average U.S. driver drives approximately 10,000 miles per year so that’s like saving the GHG emissions from 3 cars.  

How many laptops can a Nanogrid power?

The energy stored in each Sesame Solar Nanogrid in a day can charge over 650 laptops and 2,500 phones.

How much water can a Nanogrid provide?

Sesame Solar Nanogrids can provide 132 gallons/500 liters of potable water per day.

Learn How to Get Tax Credits

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, Sesame Solar Nanogrids qualify for 30% tax credits and/or direct payments. If deployed in disadvantaged communities or tribal nations, tax credits and/or direct payments may increase up to 50%.

Photo from overhead of the Sesame Solar Nanogrid
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