Sesame Solar Named One of SDxCentral's Top 5 Enterprise Sustainability Moves of 2022

Sesame Solar Named One of SDxCentral's Top 5 Enterprise Sustainability Moves of 2022
Published on
January 3, 2023

Sesame Solar has been named by SDxCentral's Top 5 Enterprise Sustainability Moves of 2022. SDxCentral s a data intelligence company specializing in media technology and marketing applications to predict, understand, and influence buyers in the IT infrastructure space. It is the only B2B media company that delivers a 360-degree view of today’s tech landscape to facilitate digital transformation in all industries.

Sesame Solar was named to this exclusive list because of the innovative use of green hydrogen to power its mobile Nanogrids to ensure crisis connectivity:

Sesame Solar introduced mobile and renewable energy-powered nanogrids for use in providing electricity and powering critical network infrastructure in disaster scenarios like extreme weather events related to climate change.T he tech was originally designed to use solar power alone, but in locations receiving less sunlight “it was difficult for our solution to be as effective as it could be,” Sesame Solar CEO Lauren Flanagan explained in an email to SDxCentral. The company’s newest iteration of its nanogrids use green hydrogen supplementally with solar power, allowing the pop-up energy systems to provide clean energy 24/7, Flanagan said, adding it can be set up and operational in 15 minutes. The term “green hydrogen,” as opposed to “blue hydrogen,” means the energy used to power electrolysis – which is the process of creating hydrogen gas by splitting water atoms – comes from renewable sources rather fossil fuels.

As our CEO and Co-Founder Lauren Flanagan said,

At Sesame, we believe that the future of energy is #renewable, reliable and mobile, and we are committed to providing solutions that support a healthier planet
We are proud to be recognized for our innovative approach to mobile renewable energy and our commitment to ditching fossil fuels. Thank you to everyone at SDxCentral and to our amazing team at Sesame Solar for making our mission possible. Here’s to more in 2023!

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