DaWan Smith II of Sesame Solar Recognized Among 30 Rising Stars Fighting Climate Change

DaWan Smith II of Sesame Solar Recognized Among 30 Rising Stars Fighting Climate Change
Published on
September 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that DaWan Smith II, the dynamic Customer Success Manager at Sesame Solar, has earned a distinguished spot in the coveted "GreenBiz 30 Under 30" list for 2023, honoring young professionals making a difference in the realm of sustainability and environmental advocacy.

Smith's position at Sesame Solar, a leading innovator known for selling clean-energy nanogrids designed for disaster responses, has contributed significantly to the green energy transition. Through his leadership and commitment, DaWan exemplifies the future of climate action and sustainability.

The annual GreenBiz 30 Under 30 accolade celebrates the commendable efforts of young pioneers pushing the envelope in environmental responsibility, underscoring the importance of the next generation in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future.

Here is the writeup about DaWan Smith II on the official GreenBiz website:

DaWan Smith, Green Hydrogen Product Manager, Sesame Solar

Growing up on a Michigan horse farm, DaWan Smith often wandered out of earshot from his parents to play with engines.
“And next thing, you know, they come around the corner, and I've got something all torn apart,” he says. “And I'm telling my dad, ‘No, don't worry, I can put it back together, I can put it back together.’ ”
Smith applies his engineering aptitude to the “nanogrids” from startup Sesame Solar, which seeks to decarbonize disaster relief and ultimately render diesel generators obsolete. Its turnkey, mobile power systems — in shipping container or trailer formats — can be towed, shipped or dropped into areas hit by hurricanes, floods and wildfires.
Each pop-open photovoltaic solar box offers enough solar power and battery storage for a first-responder basecamp or a handful of homes — and each can double as a shelter, an office or a medical hub. Sesame Solar units have been put to work in Louisiana, the island of Dominica and Santa Barbara County, California. From Jackson, Michigan, Smith manages the integration of green hydrogen backup systems and helps to engage frontline communities and customers, which include the U.S. Air Force, Comcast and MediaCom.
Smith, 26, is eager to explore the potential for technologies such as robotic welding and 3D printing to help the nanogrids scale. With unlimited resources, he would like to realize a vision of assembly lines cranking out Sesame Solar nanogrids by the thousands.

About Sesame Solar:

Sesame Solar is the global, climate-resilience company behind the world’s first 100% renewably-powered Mobile Nanogrid solution. Sesame’s Nanogrids have been deployed for recovery efforts during Hurricane Ian in 2022, Ida in 2021, and Maria in 2017, as well as for wildfires in California, and tornadoes and floods across the U.S. The company is trusted by leading organizations such as the U.S. Air Force, Comcast and Cox Communications, Santa Barbara County, the Ministry of Public Health for Dominica — with investments from Morgan Stanley, BELLE Capital, PAX Angels and VSC Ventures.

To learn more about Sesame Solar, visit www.sesame.solar.

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