Sesame Solar Joins Third Derivative's Clean Mobile Power Initiative for Zero-Emissions Entertainment

Sesame Solar Joins Third Derivative's Clean Mobile Power Initiative for Zero-Emissions Entertainment
Published on
November 16, 2023

Sesame Solar, a company specializing in renewable energy solutions, has been selected to be part of the Clean Mobile Power Cohort, a pivotal initiative led by Third Derivative in collaboration with Netflix,The Walt Disney Company and RMI. This initiative, known as the Clean Mobile Power Initiative (CMPI), is a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at transforming the entertainment industry's power sources to embrace zero-emission mobile power solutions.

The Clean Mobile Power Initiative was launched to address the significant carbon footprint of the entertainment industry, specifically targeting the reliance on diesel generators which contribute substantially to global CO2 emissions. The entertainment industry currently emits 700,000 tons of CO2 per year globally. The initiative's focus is to foster the development and deployment of cost-competitive, zero-emission mobile power solutions. These technologies are seen as crucial in reducing the environmental impact of TV and film production, which is currently a significant source of global emissions.

Sesame Solar's participation in this cohort marks a significant step towards sustainable energy practices in the entertainment sector. Sesame’s innovative Mobile Nanogrid distinguishes itself by being 100% renewably powered, integrating solar and green hydrogen energy with battery storage. This technology makes Sesame Solar a forerunner in the shift towards sustainable energy solutions. The Mobile Nanogrid can be set up in less than 15 minutes by a single person and serves a variety of functions including powering TV and movie sets, serving as a communications hub, and providing emergency response services.

The Clean Mobile Power Cohort includes ten companies, selected from over 50 applicants worldwide. These companies bring diverse clean power technologies to the table, ranging from battery energy storage systems (BESS) to hydrogen power generation, each aiming to meet the specific energy, power, size, and mobility needs of the entertainment sector. Their involvement in the 18-month accelerator program offered by Third Derivative provides them with industry-centric mentorship, testing and piloting opportunities, investor introductions, and more.

Sesame Solar's involvement in the CMPI highlights a significant shift in the entertainment industry towards sustainable practices. This initiative is not just a step forward for Sesame Solar but also a testament to the broader entertainment industry's commitment to reducing its environmental impact and embracing innovative, zero-emission technologies.

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