Sesame Solar Featured in Thomasnet's Most Important Patents of 2023

Sesame Solar Featured in Thomasnet's Most Important Patents of 2023
Published on
February 26, 2024

Sesame Solar's Nanogrids continues to gain significant attention for their innovative approach to providing clean mobile power, particularly in disaster-prone areas. has recently named our 100% Renewable Mobile Nanogrids as one of "The Most Important Patents of 2023." listed the "most exciting and important patents of 2023," presenting a comprehensive overview of groundbreaking patents in aerospace, robotics, recycling, sustainability, transportation, and green energy sectors. The article highlighted key technological innovations and inventive solutions that address critical global challenges. These patents demonstrate a blend of creative thinking and advanced technology, ranging from space exploration to sustainable energy initiatives, underscoring the dynamic progress in these diverse fields.

Here is what the article said about Sesame Solar:

Sesame Solar Nanogrids

By 2030, 560 catastrophic events are expected to happen each year. Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids, which leverage solar power and green hydrogen to produce renewable energy, are designed to bring reliable power to impacted communities.

The technology is easily transported and can be set up in less than fifteen minutes, with no onsite expertise required. It is also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Each unit can power up to six homes a day and purify up to 130 gallons of water.

Thomasnet’s recognition of Sesame Solar's Nanogrids as one of the "Most Important Patents of 2023" highlights the company's innovative approach to renewable mobile energy, particularly in disaster response and off-grid power. It emphasizes how these 100% Renewable Mobile Nanogrids, adept at providing rapid, sustainable energy in crisis zones, stand out in a list featuring significant technological breakthroughs across various sectors. The Nanogrids' design, efficient setup, resilience to harsh weather, and capability to power homes and purify water exemplify Sesame Solar's commitment to addressing climate change impacts through sustainable technology. This recognition on is a testament to Sesame Solar's influential role in leveraging advanced solutions for environmental and humanitarian benefits.

For a detailed summary and specific information about the patents, please refer to the full article on

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