Juniper Research Future Digital Award Selects Sesame Solar as Platinum Winner

Juniper Research Future Digital Award Selects Sesame Solar as Platinum Winner
Published on
September 6, 2022

JACKSON, MI – (Sept. 6, 2022)Sesame Solar, the company creating global climate resilience solutions, today announced its recognition as the Platinum Winner of the Juniper Research Future Digital Award for Carbon Reduction Innovation of the Year. The Future Digital Awards recognize organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact in the future, with past winners including IBM, Harman, Thales, and more.

Sesame Solar was evaluated and selected as a winner based on its product innovation, features and benefits, partnerships, certification & compliance, and future business prospects. As a result, Sesame Solar will join other leading companies that are being recognized for developing transformative technologies in the Smart Traffic, Smart Utilities, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Smart Infrastructure sectors.

The news comes after a momentous year for Sesame Solar as the company debuted the first-of-its-kind 100% renewably-powered Mobile  Nanogrids that leverage solar power and green hydrogen to provide reliable, easy-to-deploy, and environmentally friendly off-grid power to help communities recover from disasters.

"We are honored to receive this recognition from Juniper Research alongside other groundbreaking initiatives and companies in the fight for a more sustainable future," said Lauren Flanagan, co-founder and CEO of Sesame Solar. "As we face a reality of more frequent climate-induced weather events, our Nanogrids are changing the trajectory of climate change by giving people in crisis situations access to essential services in a way that doesn't further contribute to climate decline." 

An increasing number of catastrophic, weather-related events are inevitable due to climate change. When these disasters strike, innocent lives are lost, communities are destroyed, and billions of dollars are spent to recover. As communities navigate how to recover from these events, Sesame Solar has created a viable Solution that can be set up and start generating clean, off-grid energy in under 15 minutes. Just "Open Sesame," and power is instantly generated, enabling the delivery of essential services such as water filtration, medical services, EV charging, telecommunications, and more after extreme weather events.

Already trusted by some of the world's leading organizations, Sesame Solar's Nanogrids are currently relied on by Comcast, Cox, and The U.S. Air Force. The Nanogrids have been deployed for recovery efforts during Hurricane Ida in 2021 and Hurricane Maria in 2017. 

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About Sesame Solar

Sesame Solar Inc. aims to help communities recover after disaster strikes with clean energy. By creating the world's first 15-minute renewably-powered, Mobile Nanogrid, the company is leading the charge toward more accessible renewable energy that is fast to deploy and simple to use. Furthermore, Sesame Solar is defining new verticals as the first company to pursue Mobile Renewable Power as a Service (MRPaaS). Founded in 2017, Sesame Solar Inc. is a majority woman-owned business headquartered in Jackson, MI, with backing from leading investors, including Morgan Stanley, BELLE Capital, PAX Angels, and VSC Ventures.

About Juniper Research

Juniper Research specializes in identifying and appraising new high-growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. Since 2008, the Future Digital Awards have been awarded to tech companies at the forefront of their respective fields: companies that deliver imaginative, innovative products or services that have the potential to disrupt their ecosystems and provide significant benefits to their target audience.

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VSC on behalf of Sesame Solar
Hannah Colson

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