IWCE 2023 Expo: Hot Topics in the Critical Communications Industry

IWCE 2023 Expo: Hot Topics in the Critical Communications Industry
Published on
April 12, 2023

Sesame Solar participated in the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) 2023 held on March 27-30, 202, in Las Vegas. Watch this video where our Co-founder and CEO Lauren Flanagan shared her thoughts on the hot topic in the critical communications industry.

More than 5,000 people have descended on the Las Vegas Convention Center. It's an absolute power packed lineup of the greatest minds in this industry. The change makers and the thought leaders who've come together to share ideas; to shape the future of this industry.

The biggest question is: What is the Hot Topic on everyone's lips this year? Let's find out.


Jon Paul Beauchamp
Senior Manager/Business Development
Icom America

Jon Paul Beauchamp, Icom America

The buzzword of this year's IWCE is definitely interoperability convergence, interconnectivity. The vibe is clearly that weneed to bridge together disparate systems for event planning as well as natural disasters. 

Nick Falgaiatore
PE, Senior Technology Specialist
Mission Critical Partners, Inc. 

Nick Falgaiatore

A topic that everybody's talking about this year is satellite communications. With now these low earth orbit satellites and this idea that you can have direct cell phone communication via satellite seems to be really what's exciting the industry -- about ways that can change the way that first responders operate and offer service into unserved areas where terrestrial networks may be down or not normally cover. 

Winston Beauchamp
Deputy Chief Information Officer
US Department of the Air Force

Winston Beauchamp, US Department of the Air Force

We're talking a lot about land mobile radios and push to talk and where the pros and cons are and what we can expect in the future. I'm really interested in the discussions underway about low earth orbit satellites 5G from space, Wi-Fi and buildings and the like -- things that are going to give us a real technological edge and eliminate some of the redundant technologies that we may have used in the past. 

Todd Maxwell
Director, Head of Public Sector BD
Samsung Electronics America 

There's been some great sessions from different agencies on how they implement

Systems. There's one on big events talking about the Olympics coming up and all the different challenges they're going to have around communications.

Lauren Flanagan
Co-Founder & CEO
Sesame Solar, Inc.

Change is inevitable in the technology so the approach that we take is A to B component agnostic so we can have the latest communication equipment, whatever that might be. We can have the latest in battery technology, the latest in solar, the latest in green hydrogen but put it together in a complete solution with a solutions lens that one person can set it up in 15 minutes and find the funding necessary to make it possible. So we really look at it that way and I think that's really the future -- is having that lens as technology evolves.


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