Driving Mobility Podcast Interview with Lauren Flanagan

Driving Mobility Podcast Interview with Lauren Flanagan
Published on
December 14, 2022

Natural disasters (think: wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and more) are occurring three times more often than they did 50 years ago.

But traditional emergency response methods can actually contribute to the frequency of these events.That’s something Sesame Solar is working to change.The nanogrids leverage solar power and green hydrogen to provide mobile, reliable and renewable energy to communities impacted by natural disasters.In this episode of “Driving Mobility,” ParkMyFleet CEO Mike Landau sits down with Lauren Flanagan, CEO of Sesame Solar, to discuss climate change, natural disasters, her company’s groundbreaking mobile disaster response strategy and much more.

Listen to Sesame Solar's Co-Founder and CEO discuss how the world's first fully-renewable Mobile Nanogrids are revolutionizing how we respond to natural disasters in the Driving Mobility podcast.

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