35 Climate Tech Startups to Watch

35 Climate Tech Startups to Watch
Published on
August 31, 2023

Sesame Solar, a pioneering player in the renewable energy landscape, has achieved a significant milestone by being nominated as one of the "35 Climate Tech Startups to Watch" by GreenBiz Group. This recognition, outlined in the GreenBiz article, serves as a testament to the company's innovative approach and commitment to addressing the climate crisis through technological advancements.

The GreenBiz Climate Tech 35 list is curated based on multiple criteria, including the strength of the solution, business model, customer need, traction, team, and pitch. Sesame Solar's nomination underscores its excellence in these areas. Notably, Sesame Solar has been nominated in the Energy category, highlighting its focus on revolutionizing the energy sector.

This recognition brings various benefits to Sesame Solar. It enhances the company's visibility within the industry, attracting potential investors, partners, and customers. It validates the company's efforts and technological innovations, boosting its credibility and positioning it as a leader in climate tech innovation.

Sesame Solar's nomination as one of the "35 Climate Tech Startups to Watch" by GreenBiz Group is a testament to its innovation, dedication, and impact in the renewable energy sector. This recognition not only bolsters Sesame Solar's position within the industry but also emphasizes the crucial role of climate tech startups in mitigating the climate crisis and shaping a more sustainable future.

Vote for Sesame Solar

As we continue to celebrate Sesame Solar's nomination as one of the "35 Climate Tech Startups to Watch" by GreenBiz Group, we invite readers to play an active role in supporting this remarkable initiative. By participating in the "People's Choice" voting, you have the chance to make a significant impact.

Voting for Sesame Solar not only demonstrates your commitment to driving sustainable change but also empowers them with the opportunity to pitch at the prestigious VERGE climate tech event. This event serves as a platform for groundbreaking ideas and innovations to take center stage, shaping the future of climate technology.

To cast your vote for Sesame Solar and contribute to their journey towards the "People's Choice" award, visit the official GreenBiz Climate Tech Startups to Watch page.

By supporting Sesame Solar, you play an active role in promoting sustainable energy solutions and contributing to a more environmentally conscious future. Let's make a collective effort to drive positive change and celebrate innovative solutions that address the climate crisis head-on.

Voting is fast and simple. Visit Verge23's website, scroll down and on your right you'll find Sesame Solar. Voting closes on September 7, but you can vote each day leading up to that date.  


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