560 catastrophic events are expected to happen every year by 2030

Sesame Solar Nanogrids are the first to bring power to impacted communities in a fast, flexible, fossil-fuel-free way.

Map of the US Graphic showing all of the extreme weather across the country
U.S. 2021 Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate Disasters, Source for image: NOAA Climate.gov
Photo from overhead of the Sesame Solar Nanogrid

Set up in minutes.

In less than 15 minutes, one person can set up Sesame Solar Nanogrids to begin supplying mobile, reliable and renewable energy. Augmented reality and field trainings are embedded in the Nanogrid to empower non-experts.

  • Rapid global deployment

  • Easily transported and arrives ready-to-use

  • No permitting, construction or onsite expertise required

  • Augmented reality for field training & maintenance app are embedded

Fueled by Solar Power + Green Hydrogen

As the first of its kind Solution, Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids leverage solar power + green hydrogen to bring energy where it's needed most.

  • No greenhouse gas emissions compared to the pollution, costs and risks of transporting fossil fuel generators

  • Closed-loop energy system

  • When the batteries are at 35% capacity, the hydrogen fuel cell provides backup power

  • Small wind turbine can be added

Designed and Tested

Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids are designed and battle tested to withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • HVAC system installed to ensure a safe and wide range of operating conditions

  • The renewable energy inputs and outputs are balanced so that customers experience a reliable supply of energy whether or not the sun is shining

Off-Grid, Modular, Mobile Office Inside

Specifically designed, built, and pre-configured for multi-use case scenarios, Sesame Solar’s Nanogrids can double as facilities for mobile clinics, offices, emergency response centers, mobile retail pop-ups, remote military applications and more.

  • Easily configured for custom application

  • Can be clustered to form minigrids

Pop-Up Power and Disaster Response Inside

Sesame Solar's Nanogrid gets the power to the people when and where they need it most. Easily transported, simply "Open Sesame" by electronically unfolding the Nanogrid’s retractable solar walls and the energy-independent Solution Inside is ready to use.

  • Form factor of a Tandem Trailer, an ISO shipping or Conex container

  • Easily transported by forklift, truck, train, ship, plane or helicopter


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Download our whitepaper

In this white paper, Sesame Solar explores the use cases for renewably powered nanogrids in the face of a growing climate threat.

Learn How to Get Tax Credits

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, Sesame Solar Nanogrids qualify for 30% tax credits and/or direct payments. If deployed in disadvantaged communities or tribal nations, tax credits and/or direct payments may increase up to 50%.

Photo from overhead of the Sesame Solar Nanogrid
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