Director of Technology, Manufacturing

Sesame Solar is looking for an experienced Director of Technology, Manufacturing. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a company positioned to become the leader in Mobile Renewable Power as a Service, address the impacts of weather disasters caused by climate change using renewable energy, and build a multicultural team that serves disadvantaged communities.

Meet Sesame Solar:

Sesame Solar is producing what it deems the world’s first fully-renewable mobile nanogrid for natural disaster relief. While almost all standard responses to disasters use fossil fuel, Sesame Solar leverages solar energy and green hydrogen creating a 100% off-grid closed-loop energy system.

Depending on the model, their nanogrids can produce between 3 – 20 kW of solar power, with a total battery storage of 15 – 150 kWh. They are engineered to meet peak and average use and provide uninterrupted, sustainable power. Its units can be used as mobile communications and command centres, medical units, kitchens and even temporary housing.

Why Join Us

  • Innovating and moving fast in a slow-moving industry with mostly diesel options, leading to plenty of inbound interest from cities, government agencies, and corporations.
  • The Press has been rolling in and will continue to. Leading to lots of inbound interest. See a few articles here, and here.
  • Sesame Solar has traction, attention, a great product, and a team that can execute. This is the perfect time to join for someone who has experience scaling, and enjoys being able to make a massive impact at an earlier stage without bureaucracy.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with co-founders Lauren Flanagan and Namit Jhanwar to lead their technology and manufacturing operations
  • Plan the next iteration of their manufacturing flows
  • Select the technical platforms that better adjust to the needs of the product and industry
  • Automate and optimize their processes

Job Requirements:

  • Cutting-edge motor assembly and manufacturing in the Electric Vehicles, electric motors, batteries, drone manufacturing, aerospace, wind energy or robotics industry
  • Deep technical understanding of robotic welding, 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, advanced manufacturing process flow and best manufacturing practices
  • Technical consulting for before mentioned industries is a plus
  • ISO certification and quality focused
  • Background or studies in Engineering
  • Creative and innovative skills
  • Working in a hands-on, fast-paced, evolving startup environment
  • Must be located in Jackson, MI

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